The Summit Challenge

Elite Course and Coaching

From multiple world-record holder and two-time terminal cancer survivor, Sean Swarner.
Discover Purpose, Deeper Meaning, and Reach New Heights of Fulfilment.
Information for applying to The Summit Challenge follows the 3-Part Video Series below. 
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If you know there's more to life and you've been wanting to change or experience that feeling, what are you waiting for?



You Never Conquer the Mountain... You Conquer Yourself


  • Embrace Life
  • ​Focus On Opportunities
  • ​Clear Your Mind
  • Live The Life You Desire
  • ​Eliminate Stress, Fear & Anxiety
  • ​Gain Insight Into Personal Triggers
  • Be Fulfilled
  • ​Gain Inner Peace
  • ​Understand Mindfullness
Meet Sean Swarner
- Voted one of the top 8 most inspirational people ever.
Sean Swarner is a philanthropist, author, keynote speaker, multiple world record holder and global thought leader. He is a two-time terminal-cancer survivor devoted to helping others reach their full potential. Sean’s passion for climbing and adventure blossomed after becoming the first cancer survivor to summit Mt. Everest.
Since then, he has climbed the highest mountain on every continent and skied to both the North and South Poles, making him the first survivor to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam. He accomplished these and completed the World Championship Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii while having only one lung. Sean is the only person in history to accomplish these feats.
His adventures and passions have captured the attention of millions, and in 2017, a team followed Sean to the North Pole filming a documentary about him and his triumphs. True North, was released on Amazon Prime and was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards. Sean was also voted one of the top 8 most inspirational people in history and was the recipient of the Don't Ever Give Up Award presented by the Jimmy V Foundation and ESPN.
From executives of Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, to students at Willard High School and players in the NFL, his countless leadership panels, inspirational keynotes, and book series have inspired and won the hearts of millions to redefine their own impossible. What separates Sean from others is that he has lived and truly experienced the journey from “impossible” to possible and doesn’t want others to simply believe they can achieve more. He provides them with the necessary tools to actually do so.
His story has been shared on The Steve Harvey Show, CBS Evening News, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, to list a few, and featured in numerous articles alongside luminaries such as Sir Richard Branson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Today, you can find Sean supporting various non-profit organizations, speaking at events, and planning his next adventure.

Proof that miracles do exist, and he’s helping others do extraordinary things Steve Harvey

Sean Swarner is a man who has made a life out of defying the odds. – Men’s Health

Sean Swarner is a real-life Superhero! – CBS Evening News

This is without a doubt the most inspirational story I’ve ever heard. – NBC Today Show

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